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Wyoming courts do not take the pro hac vice admission of out-of-state counsel lightly. Our court rules require the active engagement of Wyoming counsel in all matters pending in Wyoming courts.

Out-of-state counsel that do not fully abide by those rules may well find themselves unnecessarily in hot water with the judge. And that can be difficult to overcome. At Ranck & Schwartz, we understand the local requirements and expectations of our judges (there are only 24 district court judges in the entire state) and can assist out-of-state counsel to advance their cases in the most effective manner before the particular judge assigned to the case.

We enjoy the opportunity to work with lawyers from other states and strive for a true collaboration that honors the court rules while being cost effective for the client. For that reason, we have found that at the outset of any local counsel relationship it is important to reach a clear understanding about the respective roles and responsibilities of all involved in the case to serve the best interests of the client.


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