Alternative Dispute Resolution

The costs of resolving disputes through litigation have become immense – too expensive for most ordinary people to handle.

Even for those who can afford it, litigation often becomes an all-consuming, wasteful process that pits former friends, partners, or family members against each other in a winner-take-all contest. Without exception, litigation extracts significant opportunity costs from everyone concerned.

Don’t mistake us. As trial lawyers, litigation is good business for our firm. And, sometimes, it’s the only realistic way forward. But we’ve also seen that in some cases prolonged litigation doesn’t serve the long-term goals of anyone. As a consequence, we sometimes encourage our clients to engage in alternative dispute resolution opportunities, such as mediation.

We have substantial experience guiding clients through the mediation process, as well as serving as mediators. This background, in combination with our experience in court, enables us to help parties navigate the procedural pitfalls and emotional blockades that can stall solutions.


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