My family and I have relied upon Ranck & Schwartz for over a decade to help us with many difficult challenges. Not only have they always provided outstanding advice and representation, I know they really care about us and are committed to doing what is best, both in the short and long term. I am very pleased that Leah Schwartz has joined the firm to carry on the firm’s legacy for the next generation.


I’ve sought the legal assistance of Bill Schwartz in many circumstances, both personally and on behalf of organizations that I’ve led, and I’ve always been very satisfied. Bill’s outstanding legal mind, coupled with the breadth of his professional skills and personal integrity, make for a highly effective combination. Whenever someone asks me to recommend a lawyer to them I always start with Bill.


When my former business associate tried to run me out of town based upon a non-compete agreement I turned to Ranck & Schwartz. They dropped everything and worked night and day to get ready for a preliminary injunction hearing. Not only did we prevail in the hearing, my former associate soon thereafter retired with his tail between his legs. Without the great work of Ranck & Schwartz, I would not be in Jackson today.


When I found myself as a defendant in dual lawsuits filed in state and federal court, I was fearful that I might be stuck in litigation and trials forever. Leah was instrumental in helping to achieve dismissal of the first case in federal court, in crafting the successful motion for summary judgment in state court, and in briefing the case to the Wyoming Supreme Court on appeal, resulting in an order that affirmed the district court’s decision. Excellent results that allowed me to get back to my own life without lasting damage.


I’ve known Bill Schwartz both as a professional colleague and as a client for almost 20 years. After retiring from a large, international law firm based in Los Angeles, I practiced with Bill at Ranck & Schwartz for a period of about two years, before retiring from the law for good. Later, as a client, Bill was the lawyer in difficult and important litigation for a nonprofit organization of which I was the President, in which Bill orchestrated a great result. And recently, I turned to Bill again to represent me personally in a dispute with a national bank that had wrongfully misappropriated a portion of my IRA funds. Bill exercised the same combination of forceful advocacy, negotiating skills and common sense that I had known him to possess in our prior relationships, and he achieved a highly satisfactory result in a matter of a few weeks. When practicing with my firm in Los Angeles, for many years I acted as the Department Head for the Litigation Department consisting of more than 100 litigators nationwide. I can say without hesitation that Bill is as skilled and effective as any litigator with whom I practiced or supervised.